Eric Cantona Family Portrait


Here we have Eric Cantona’s family portrait, situated in the Spanish Royal Palace in Madrid.

Eric stands with his wife Rachida Brakni and his two brothers Jean-Marie and Joel who in turn stand behind their mother Eleanor and father Albert.

This painting brings up the personal story of Eric’s family, when his mother’s parents where forced to flee the Spanish Civil war in 1936 (referenced in the ceiling section and wall images). They were a teenage couple at the time, disenfranchised from their home and forced over the French border as refugees.

Albert’s parents also had to flee Sardinia, and they too settled on the French coast, where Albert and Eleanor eventually met.

The Spanish Royal family and the church had remained unaffected by the military uprising.

Eric’s is a bohemian family statement, from ‘highbrow art’ to ‘lowbrow art’, and theoretically taking position in the throne room as free people, highlighting the different standards imposed on people.

His mother sits on the throne, his father on a garden chair. The canopy, guitar and globe positioned in the foreground are a nod to Piero della Francesca’s Nativity painting.