John Carlos and Tommy Smith for 30 Pieces of Silver


Presented as a nightmarish vision of the future, ‘For 30 pieces of Silver’ is a cautionary representation of excessive power that harms the oppressed and destroys the world
around us.

In the centre are the people who are worst affected by a combination of ecological collapse, social upheaval, and resource exploitation.

This is all at the hands of three competitive puppet masters, timeless representatives of consequential competition.

There are references to G√©ricault’s ‘The Raft of the Medusa’ and oceans of disposed consumer goods.

The work’s frame is made from 5000 year old bogwood, and attached to it are reproductions of old Jewish shekels – 30 pieces of silver.

Thanks to Saul Love for providing the excavated 5000 year old bogwood for the picture frame. Thanks also to Bailey Doodson for converting it into a frame.